3D printer

3D printer is one of the emerging technologies and it creates the ability to create any 3D object with any complexity, and it is only necessary to design the desired shape in one of the three-dimensional software maker and then it was printed with various materials.

The first 3D printer was developed in 1987 by Chuck Hall, the founder of 3D systems. These printers were first used for rapid prototyping for the first time and are now mainly used directly to print product parts and speed up the production cycle. Today's 3D printing provides the ability to create 3D models with a variety of technologies. Some of these technologies eliminate the limitations of the traditional way and give them more freedom to design and achieve a high level of product quality. These printers come with a variety of technologies, including:

  • (FDM) - Using high melting material and nozzle with high precision for 3D shaping.
  • (DLP) - Digital Light Processing Using Normal Light Source.
  • (SLA) - The conversion of raw material from liquid to solid resin.
  • (SLS) - Sedimentary Raw Materials Technology.

Three-dimensional printing uses objects in designs, grades, and print accuracy. Now our experts are using design knowledge and advanced 3D printer devices to design a variety of industrial components. NOW You can also print your parts a.s.a.p. at the lowest price by offering a variety of industrial and commercial designs.